Parks and Recreation

Park and Recreation facilities in St. Charles are under the perview of the St. Charles Area Parks and Recreation Committee.� This committee serves as the decision-making body for park polices and programming as well as gives advice to the Village Council on parks and rec. matters.� The park system in St. Charles serves quite a large geographic area including the Village of St. Charles, St. Charles Township, Fremont Township, BrantTownship, Swan Creek Township and the St. Charles Community School District. These communities are largely rural, and they serve as bedroom communities for residents whowork in the Saginaw, Midland, and Flint metropolitan area. This plan is an update of the 2013 Village of St. Charles Area Recreation Plan. In the previous update to this plan, theservice area was expanded to include and describe a more accurate service area which includes the municipalities referenced here. The St. Charles Area Park System remains the center for recreation to the thousands living in the rural townships surrounding the Village of St. Charles.The Village of St. Charles serves as the local recreation provider for the surrounding townships and the residents of the St. Charles Community Schools, because those areas are rural in nature and do not have any park facilities of their own. Seats are allowed for representatives from St. Charles Township, Brant Township, Swan Creek Township, andthe St. Charles Community School District on the St. Charles Area Park Committee. St.Charles Township, Brant Township, Fremont Township, and Swan Creek Township allregularly contribute to the parks and recreation budget of the Village of St. Charles.St. Charles is located in central Saginaw County. Fremont Township is northwest of St.Charles. Brant Township is west of St. Charles, and St. Charles Township is south of St.Charles. Most of the Village lies within St. Charles Township. Some of the northern portion of the Village lies within Swan Creek Township and a small portion of the western side of the village lies within Brant Township. The populations in 2010 of the various jurisdictions that are included in this Parks and Recreation Service Area are listed below:�

  • Village of St. Charles- 2,045
  • Brant Township- 2,026
  • Fremont Township- 2,057
  • St. Charles Township- 3,154
  • Swan Creek Township- 2,357
  • St. Charles Community School District- 6,657

Parks and Recreation 5-year Master Plan

Recreation and open space are important to the residents of the St. Charles area.Recognizing this concern, community officials have led an effort to develop a Parks andRecreation Plan aimed at improving and developing recreational resources in the St.Charles area.In accordance with the State recommended five-year cycle for recreation planning, thisplan covers the five-year period 2018-2022. The content and process follow requirements of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for a community recreation plan. This document is intended to serve as a guide in the planning for future park and recreation opportunities, services, and implementation. Population shifts, new development, and changing attitudes towards leisure have added additional pressures to the community’s existing parks and recreation system, thus increasing the need for both short and long range planning. Recommendations such as land acquisition, facility expansion and construction, and even the design of a neighborhood park improvement, will require additional study or involvement of residents in order to address the site-specific details. This plan lays the foundation for these activities. You can read the 2018-2022 St. Charles Area Parks and Recreation Plan clicking the link below. You can also check out other documents associated with the planning process:

FINAL_St. Charles Park Plan 2018 - 2022.pdf (5MB)

2017ParkAndRecSurvey.pdf (171.1KB)