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In 1992, the VIllage of St. Charles removed two underground gasoline storage tanks from the Village Office and DPW Facility (former). During this process, it was discovered that the tanks had been leaking into the ground for an unknown amount of time. For years after, the Village worked with the State of Michigan through a special remediation program to work towards a solution for the contaminated soil. Over the years, the site has been monitored and tested but in the late 1990's money for this activity dried up.  In August of 2017, allegations surfaced that the contamination of the site was causing health problems in employees housed in the Village Office; in particular, a number of police officers were diagnosed with cancer. Two of the employees were police chiefs and were diagnosed with the same form Leukemia years apart and questions regarding their exposure to chemicals in the workplace were raised. 

The Village Council hired AKT Peerless to conduct an environmental investigation to determine the level of contamination and whether it may be leaching into the building. According to their report, “analytical results for the sub-slab soil gas monitoring indicated all [constituents] of concern were below the site specific screening levels with the exception of Naphthalene...” According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Naphthalene is one of the compounds used to make various industrial and consumer products such as plastic resins, dyes, insecticides and moth balls. It is listed as “Group C- Potentially Carcinogenic….” There is little-to-no data linking it to cancer in humans, according the EPA’s carcinogen risk assessment guidelines.The report also states that “analytical results [from an indoor air sample] indicated that all constituents of concern were reported as either non-detect or below the most [conservative] screening levels.” This is the second report commissioned by the Village which finds no known carcinogenic constituents inside the police department. Tests conducted in 2014 by Superior Environmental Corporation returned similar results. AKT Peerless’ test results for soil and groundwater samples confirm that there is, however, contaminants found under the parking lot, and in an isolated area offsite, related to an open release caused by two leaking underground storage tanks that were removed in May of 1992.  The full report can be accessed by clicking the link below: 

12716s Enviromental Site Characterization Report - 110 Spruce Street.pdf (5.3MB)


The Village of St. Charles is a member of the MId-Michigan Waste Authority which was created to help with the negotiation and management of solid waste pick-up services throughout Saginaw County. Currently MMWA contracts with Waste Management for collections.  Our service day is Friday and all items for pick-up including trash, recycling and yard waste (until November 30, 2018) must be at the curb by 7:00AM.

For more information about the Mid Michigan Waste Authority, feel free to follow them on Facebook or visit their website


The Department of Public Works provides a courtesy service to residents of the Village by allowing "curbside pick-up" of larger items not considered yard waste such as logs, branches, and sticks greater that 3 inches in diameter.  This service is only available the first full week of the month, April through November.

Before placing brush to the curb, please be aware of the Village's brush removal policy: 

  • All brush must be stacked parallel to the street and should be within two to three feet from the road surface.
  • Brush piles cannot exceed 8 (eight) feet in length.
  • If you have multiple piles of 8 feet or less, they may not overlap one another.
  • All brush must be out bu the road by 7:30AM on Monday of the first full week of each month. If brush is not out when our crew is in your neighborhood, your brush will not be picked up.
  • Brush generated from a clear-cut of a property will not be fully removed. We will remove only one dump truck load per parcel.